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Learn what makes an Alta Luna pad an Alta Luna pad in the articles below.

Printed or colored side will always face up and go against your body.

Backer (what goes against your underwear) will always be black on absorbent pads. (Lights and liners are backed with flannel, flannel colors will vary.)

  • Explore Some of Our Most Used Fabrics

    At Alta Luna we strive to find the most ethically and naturally made fabrics for our products. Products that are good for our skin and bodies, and good the earth as well.

    Woven Cottons is our most economical and versatile choice in pad selection. The same material your grandma's hand sewn quilt is made from, woven cotton is widely available and comes in endless patterns and colors. Woven cotton has a moderate wicking speed, is light, breathable, soft, and will continue to get softer and softer after each wash. 

    Organic Cotton Sateen is a premium woven cotton featuring a satin like finish. Sateen has all the benefits of cottons: softness (increasing softness over time) and variety of colors and patterns, with some added features like wicking speed and coolness. Sateen is a fast wicking cotton that keeps you dry and comfortable. It is also a very light and cooler fabric that won’t add heat, perfect for warmer weather or working out.

    Cotton Knit is a luxurious stretch knit. Similar to what casual leggings and t-shirts are made of, knit is soooo comfortable you WILL forget you are even wearing a pad. Knit is an all around perfect choice for light days, overnight, and everything in between.

    Sherpas and Velours (Bamboo, Cotton, and Organics) are super luxurious and extremely soft fabrics commonly used to make baby items, lounge wear, and blankets. True luxury fabrics. Both are a much welcome comfort in overnight pads (our 14" and up sizes), heavy and ultra flow days, and postpartum. Cotton velour also has a superior wicking speed to help keep you dry and liquid where it belongs. Velours have a smoother texture than sherpa, but the texture in both helps guide and trap heavier flows and possible clotting. Keep in mind that sherpas and velours are thicker, warmer fabrics and may be too much in hotter weather.

  • See Inside an Alta Luna Cloth Pad

    Beneath our various topper fabrics is a combination of materials featuring organic and natural fibers that create a sleek yet highly effective reusable pad, offering you the most enjoyable and responsible menstrual cycle of your life. 

    First is the super absorbent, hypoallergenic fabric Zorb. Absorbing 10 times it’s weight in seconds, Zorb is an exceptional core material than cannot be matched or beat.

    Next a stabilizing layer made of 100% cotton flannel or 100% cotton muslin (we use this to hold the Zorb in place).

    Finally our backer fabric is the highest quality waterproof, organic cotton soft shell fleece you'll find. Together this trio make our pads incredibly absorbent, virtually waterproof, and healthy for your skin, body, and environment. 

  • Pad Features

    Our pads are made with quality, natural and/or organic fabrics as often as possible. Natural fabrics are comfortable on your skin, safe for your body, and good for the environment. 

    All of our standard pads, 8" liner to 18” ultra flare, have a roughly 2.8” single snap gusset (or crotch) width featuring plastic kam snaps offered in a variety of colors.

    Gusher pads have a 3” gusset, while standard wing 6” liners have a 2.5” gusset. 6" thong/regular liners have a 2.75" regular gusset and three thong widths.

    All of our pads are asymmetrically shaped, which means the top length (above the wings) is slightly shorter than the bottom length. Asymmetrical pad shapes offer the ability for perfect individual coverage. Whether you need more front coverage or more rear coverage these pads can be positioned to perfectly match your needs. They can even be flipped around if need be, there is no true "front".

    All of our pads, with the exception of the 6” standard liners, are designed with a curvy wing. Occasionally we will offer different shaped wings such as bat style wings for some variety.

    Most of our pads are designed with directional flow or core lines to aid in controlling flows and secure our absorbent cores.

    We exclusively use 100% polyester threads for their strength and anti fluid wicking properties.

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