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  • Gusset - Center, winged portion of pad. Crotch of underwear.
  • Asymmetrical Pad - A pad whose lengths above and below the wings are not equal. Asymmetrical pads are excellent for front bleeders, back bleeders, and those who prefer slightly more coverage either to the front or back.
  • Curvy Wing - A pad wing shape that is rounded in shape and is approximately 4” in length from top to bottom. Wing placement for pads with this wing shape is more centralized on pad. 
  • Wrap Wing - A pad wing shape whose length extends from the top of the pad to the bottom of the pad. 
  • Wicking - The action a fabric performs when absorbing or pulling liquid into itself and away from its surface.
  • Directional Flow Lines - Lines sewn into the body of pad that aid in guiding the direction of menstrual flow.
  • Core Stitch - Stitches that affix the absorbent layers to topper fabric. Double as directional flow lines. 
  • Topper - Fabric that faces up and goes against your skin.
  • Kam Snaps - Plastic snaps that affix to the outside curves of pad wings and snap together around underwear to hold pad in place when worn. Can also be used to snap folded pads (used and unused) for storage. 
  • Backer - Fabric that faces down and goes against your underwear.
  • Gusher Pad- A pad with slits, or cuts, in the top layers of fabric that fray when washed and capture extremely heavy flows, gushing type flows, and clots.
  • Liner Pad - A dual layer pad that includes a fabric topper and combination absorbent/waterproof backer. Liner pads have a light absorbency that is used for light to light-medium flows, discharge, daily liner, a backup to a cup or tampon, and/or spotting.
  • Interlabial Pad - (ILPs) A small 2 ply petal shaped pad that is intended to be folded and/or rolled and then placed between the inner labia. ILPs will slow heavy, fast flows allowing pads to absorb fluid more effectively. They will also help direct flows to desired location on pad, and can be used in lieu of a liner to capture light discharge. 
  • Wet Bag - Waterproof or water resistant bag used to store soiled pads or Un-paper towels until they can be laundered. Larger bags can also double as storage for unused pads, period supplies, bathing suits, diaper essentials, etc. 
  • Un-paper Towel - A 100% cotton, reusable flannel towel, roughly the exact shape and size of a standard paper towel, that replaces paper towels in the kitchen and around your home. 
  • PUL - Short for polyurethane laminate, PUL is an extremely thin synthetic fabric that creates a waterproof barrier. PUL fabrics can be solid or printed and can be used on their own or sewn to a topper fabric to create wet bags, pad wrappers, and reusable diaper covers. PUL may also be fused in production to a wrong, or back side, of a fabric to create a waterproof fabric. Fused PUL fabrics are often used as waterproof backers to reusable menstrual and postpartum fabrics, whose waterproof layer will always face the interior of product.