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Embroidered on the wing of each of our pads is a letter representing the absorbency of that pad. You’ll never have to guess, and you’ll never be hassled or irritated by tags again.


L - Light/Liner

Made with only two layers this pad is super light, breathable, and trim. The backer is an absorbent AND waterproof layer in one and performs the task of both a light and a liner. Liners can be worn everyday for discharge or possible spotting, as a backup to a tampon or cup, but are absorbent enough that they will perform on your light-medium flow days too.

M - Medium

The most versatile absorbency of them all. Medium pads are great for medium and medium-heavy flows, backups to tampons or cups, and to protect against mild incontinence. Even though these pads are extremely trim and light they can handle some flow, and the natural fabric toppers make them so comfortable you will forget you’re even wearing them! They’re also a great beginning point for new menstruators and mild incontinence as well. Made with one layer of absorbency.

H - Heavy

Strong enough for truly heavy days, overnights, long work shifts, postpartum needs, and moderate incontinence without a lot of bulk to maintain comfort and ensure discretion. Heavy pads contain two layers of super thirsty absorbent material that absorb ultra fast so you’ll stay comfortable between changes.

Unless custom made as an ultra, gushers come in a heavy aabsorbency. Gushers are specialty pads that have slits in the top fabric that expose two layers of flannel and cotton on top of the absorbent core. These cut layers create frays and texture and extra surface area that immediately traps super fast, “gushy” flows and clots. Gushers are an absolute must have for ultra heavy flows and overnights, clotting, mild incontinence and postpartum needs. They’re typically topped with luxuriously soft velours to make sure you stay super comfortable even during the most uncomfortable days.

U - Ultra

When you need an extra boost or layer of protection for those extremely heavy times. Ultra pads offer three layers of heavy duty absorption so you won’t have to worry even on the most extreme days of your cycle. Many people who perform shift work without a lot of opportunity to change pads frequently choose ultra absorbencies to keep them safe for extended wear.