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Important Information:
  • Use caution when applying stain treatments as they may bleach, corrode, or deteriorate fabrics. For example: hydrogen peroxide is an excellent stain treatment for organic material (blood); however, when left on too long (multiple hours) it will degrade fabric integrity and potentially cause holes and further damage. Always test treatments on similar fabrics to prevent damage to pads.
  • An effective method to remove blood from pads and clothing is to soak items in cold water. It is perfectly safe to do so and is highly effective. However, if items are left soaking too long bacteria will begin to form and permanent odor damage may occur. A safe timeframe to soak is overnight, but no longer than 24 hours maximum. Soaking items should be left in cooler temperature rooms as warmer temperatures will encourage and increase formation of bacteria. An even safer method is to gather pads in large enough bucket to hold them (a mop bucket from the dollar store or paint bucket from Lowe’s or Home Depot are both perfect), place in bathtub under spigot, fill bucket with cold water and allow water to continue to run until overflow is clear (roughly 10 minutes depending on quantity and absorbency of pads), then leave to soak for a few hours. Take entire bucket and dump into washing machine to make transfer to wash even easier.
  • Fabric softener of any kind, liquid or dryer sheets, microscopically coats fabrics in chemicals to create softness. These chemicals build up and create a layer on fabrics that significantly reduces and prevents absorption. To maintain and improve the absorbency of your reusable items, avoid using fabric softener on them at all costs. 100% wool balls, for use in your dryer, are a great natural alternative to commercial fabric softener.