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Size, or length, of your pad is an important factor in how effective your pads will be for you. Too long and you may be wasting money on larger pads than you need, too short and your leaking out the ends. Let us help you figure out how to find the sizes that work for you. 

First thing’s first, determine the length of what your already wearing.

  • This is simple to do by measuring the length of the disposable pads that work for you. Once you have that number simply choose a cloth pad in a similar length. Keep in mind you may have to go up or down an inch or two as not all disposable pads and cloth pad measurements are exact. When I’m doubt it’s a safe bet to round up a little bit. 
  • What if you don’t wear disposable pads and are here beginning your cloth journey. Easy! Take a sewing tape measure (or non stretchy string, rope, belt, whatever you have) and place the beginning where you want or feel like your pad should start on your body (front or back) and hold in place. Now take the other end and run it between your legs, snug but not pulling, and mark where you want you pad to end. Whatever that length is, is the length of pad you could start with. If not using a sewing tape measure lay your makeshift measuring device flat then use a ruler to measure your length.